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Asia offers an exotic Family travel experience. From Japan where you can visit Tokyo, Kyoto and more to China, India, Korea and Russia as well as the Island nations including Bali and Singapore.

One very interesting Island in Indonesia is the Komodo Island. This is the closest you will get to visiting the real Jurassic Park. On Komodo, wild Komodo dragons roam around the entire island. There is no one that actually lives on the island except for the Caretakers.

Exploring this wild place inhabited by real Komodo dragons is not for the faint of heart (or too young) but is very exciting and fact filled (as long as you stay close to the tour guides that carry big sticks to fend off any adventurous Komodos!)

When in Hong Kong, check out the Honk Kong Disneyland! Instead of Donald Duck, his name is Old Duck Tang!