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Africa offers many exciting travel destinations. Wildlife and rugged nature are topics of the day throughout Africa and staying in a nicely equipped game lodge with great guides makes the trip safer and more enjoyable. Real nature spans the continent with lush jungles, waterfalls, wide savannahs and plains, beautiful mountains and even family beaches. Up north, the Sahara Desert spans for miles and miles of sand so you can ride a camel through part of the desert.

Expeditions leave regularly for Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia. You can go by car, tour bus or even camel. You will find lovely beaches in Mozambique, Mauritius or the Seychelle Islands. Visit the lemurs in Madagascar.

In South Africa you can visit everything from butterfly gardens to nature and game reserves. Sudwala caves make for an adventurous outing. Home of world famous Kruger National Park which has many game reserves within where you can enjoy bush walks and also open top vehicle safaris. A visit to South Africa is not complete without seeing the stunning Cape Town.

A trip to Africa is sure to be exciting, adventurous and a lot of fun.

Chances are you will want to book a safari. Some of the best places for Safaris are in Kenya and South Africa.