Kids Travel Around The World

Kids love to travel and explore new places around the world.

Fun places for kids to visit in the United States include:

Disney World - Orlando Florida

Disneyland - Anaheim, Calif.

Knott's Berry Farm, Anaheim

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Kids Weblinks

Fun Kids websites include everything from to and

Another great new website for kids on the web is:

Healthy Snacks to bring along on your journeys include nuts, raisins and apples. You can also get local fresh fruit like pineapple when in the South Pacific, Bananas when in Costa Rica or Macadamia Nuts when in Hawaii.

Travel Together as a Family and Enjoy the Experience:

"When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses."
Joyce Brothers



Fun things to do while traveling

Kids Travel Games

Travel Guides

Portable Games


Air Travel With Kids

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Kids Travel Books are the best tool to bring along or get during a trip to learn more about the places you travel.

Don't have time to travel far? Take Day Trips.

Want to Save on Airfare? Here is an ebook on inside secrets by a former travel agent to save you money when buying airline tickets.

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Welcome to Kids Travel TV

Ahhh, travelling! There is nothing more adventurous than exploring our world, seeing different places, meeting new cultures and finding out more about the world we live in while spending the best time with our family.

Kids have the undiluted ability to soak up all these fun experiences our world presents every day. It is our goal to help steer kids and families in the right direction ; to chose travel destinations wisely and to help kids get the most out of their visits to foreign ports of call. There is no better way to educate the mind, develop the body and inspire the soul.

Travelling is actually great exercise too with all of the walking.

Whether you are building sand castles in Maui, sampling a different culture's delicious foods or visiting ancient ruins, it is an eye opening experience to travel the world.

Explore caves or simply wait in line at Disneyland and create these "living in the now" moments to be treasured and enjoyed, exploring our beautiful world and the riches it has to offer together as a family.

The Kids Travel Television

We hope you enjoy the new Kids


The trip we are planning next is close to home: Disney World in Orlando Florida.

We will also be posting updates by video so check back to find out more about our recent Disney experience.

You can follow our blog for updates from the road, and then we will take the best experiences and add them to this site -

There are some really great travel deals this year as world economies start to recover, so find a great deal and have some fun in the sun.

For our latest travels, see some of our family travel videos.

Happy Kids Travels!

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