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Kids love to travel and explore new places around the world. Fun places for kids to visit in the United States include:

Disney World - Orlando Florida

Disneyland - Anaheim, Calif.

Knott's Berry Farm, Anaheim

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Fun Kids websites include everything from to and

Another great new website for kids on the web is:





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Kids Travel Games

Whether traveling by plane, car, train or ship, kids love to play travel games while making their way to their destination.

Fun Games to play while kids travel by car:

Alphabet Chase:

Start with letter A and look out for roadsigns, billboards and other words you can find while looking out the window. Proceed through the alphabet until you get to Z.

Scavenger Hunts are fun:

You start with a checklist of items you think you may see on the trip and then whoever sees an item first checks it off the list. The person with the most checks at the end of the car trip wins.

License Plate origins:

While traveling, see you can find the most license plates from different places.

Animal Safari:

See who can spot the most different type of animals.

Tic Tac Toe:

will keep you amused for awhile


is another game you can play most anywhere

When you get tired of playing "who can stay quietest the longest", then you can always reach for gaming accessories such as a nintendo DS, PSP or other portable gaming device.

If you have a portable DVD player, you can watch a movie.

Check out magnetic board games like magnetic chess, checkers or magnetic bingo.

Sticker books, coloring books, or reading books can can also help with car or plane trips. (note that some kids find it hard to read in a moving car and this may increase motion sickness, so if you are going to read, take frequent breaks, look out the window and make sure you are getting fresh air.

Ipod or other mp3 player with headphones are great for listening to music and also to learning audio programs or stories.